The mobile phone is nearly 25 years old, and what was once an expensive and heavy tool with a singular use is now our must-have device to complete daily tasks. Now available in myriad colors, sizes and functionality, there are now phones and wireless services out there for almost any budget.

Welcome the new large-screen LG Stylo 3. Beginning today, Friday, May 19th, the Stylo 3 will be available at Cricket Wireless in rose gold for just $169.99. Cricket Wireless also offers savvy consumers a smart choice to stay connected and enjoy on-demand entertainment, like the recently launched ZTE Blade X Max, which offers a 6” screen, speedy process and hi-def camera for just $149.99.

We went from carrying our phone in its dedicated bag to popping one or more in our pockets. Up until the 90s, you basically could only use your phone for one thing – phone calls. Today’s devices, like the Stylo 3, are mini computers, and now we can – and do – use them for nearly all tasks in our lives BUT make voice calls.


We’ve seen our phones get smaller, then bigger again, and then available in whatever size works for you. You can unlock your phone with a thumbprint or by entering a code. Cameras and music players are no longer something you have to carry in addition to a phone. What will we see in the next evolution of device? Iris scanning, bendable screens, what else?


The future is pretty exciting to think about, but Cricket Wireless is dedicated to delivering today a simple, smarter wireless experience with transparent service plans – with no annual contracts – on a reliable nationwide 4G LTE network.