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Thanks to a series of submissions that went live today for a contest that is currently running with Gordon-Levitt, we get a handful of clean looks at the unreleased LG V30 phone. You can see one above for starters, along with another below, both of which match up to CAD renders of the V30 released a few weeks back.

The videos aren’t in HD, so these aren’t high-res pictures, but they do show a shiny metallic V30 backside with a dual camera setup up top, follow by fingerprint reader and “V” branding just below it. On the front, the FullVision display with rounded corners stands out, as do the minimal bezels with subtle rounding at their edges. And remember, we know this is a 6-inch POLED FullVision display.

Source: New LG V30 Pictures Leak Thanks to HITRECORD Contest