TUTU Electric Scooter, the SL350, is Tutu Much!

Introducing the TUTU SL350 electric scooter. This model features a large color LCD display, a foldable seat, a USB charge plug, front and rear LED lights and a built-in alarm with 2 remote keys. Handgrip acceleration and cruise control provide the comfort of a smooth and powerful ride.

Available in 5 vibrant, trendy colors to better fit your unique style and personality. TUTU Scooters are eco-friendly and designed with the environment in mind. Our green technology produces zero emission so you can show the world you care. Keep your life style and your cash! No more money spent on gas, insurance, parking or tickets! No driver license needed either! Long-lasting lithium-ion battery will keep you on the go for up to 34 miles per charge. Plug your TUTU Scooter to a standard power outlet and it’s ready to go in just 4 hours.

TUTU’s powerful 350 Watt motor allows acceleration up to 17 mph depends on Riders and Roads. TUTU’s perfect for any age and any lifestyle. Use TUTU as the main or secondary means of transportation for your whole family! Get to class, see your friends, ride to the beach, have a date in a park or just beat the traffic in a busy city. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Adjust your TUTU Scooter to perfect your ride by changing the height of the grip handles or by switching to the standing mode. Just fold the seat up and you have a new, different scooter! Share your ride with someone you love or with a friend. TUTU conveniently fits 1 or 2 passengers and can withstand the total weight of 330 lbs (2 people). Foldable seat can carry 1 person or up to 175 lbs.

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