Immotor GO Personal Transport

Retailing for $1,499, the Immotor GO sets a new standard for personal transportation as its convenient design transforms the vehicle allowing it to fully fold into a sleek, take-anywhere size. With three-wheel stability, the Immotor GO has no learning curve and offers its adjustable handle heights, adaptive suspension and anti-slip customizable footboard. The IoT enabled GO also delivers an advanced connected experience that includes interactive, self-updating software; Bluetooth connectivity; media and audio functionality with built-in speakers; its own Daybrite LCD display; and more.

The Immotor GO is powered by the two TSA Compliant Super Batteries, which use their own operating system that creates a digital handshake between device and battery; and ultimately between device and user. The Immotor Super Battery makes traditional power obsolete by having a built-in microprocessor and IoT features in a completely modular package in order to customize the user experience, all of which is accessible via the Immotor app. Users can easily replace and/or remove the Super Batteries through the Immotor GO’s dual battery chamber compartment.

Source: Immotor GO