Google I/O Developer Keynote

Google I/O Developer Keynote


Google is committed to further enabling technologies, platform, and tools.

Making Apps Radically Smaller

  • App size growing
  • more languages lead to bigger app size
  • Easier App Building

Android app model modularised for your app’s requirements, rebuild app with new app bundle, and add encryption through the key store.

App bundle explorer shows smaller apps’ size.

GooglePlay Instant lets you try games without purchasing first.


Android Jetpack

Faster and easier, with new support for:

  • Libraries and tools
  • Paging
  • Slices-templates, rich, flexible, real-time data, work on 90% of devices
  • Backward compatible
  • lets your apps backward compatible
  • nearly instant emulator
  • supports snapshots
  • energy profiler
  • Support for new devices with Android Things

Google Assistant App Development

Making Assistant more useful

  • Runs on more devices
  • Used by many vendors, stores, restaurants, services
  • Customize subscriptions

Actions on Google

  • Action Links
  • Action Console-connects alerts to
  • Engage Action Notifications
  • Support for routines
  • Like early days of the web, Actions connects people with users’ basic intent through a taxonomy of built-in intents
  • See

Web Open Platform

Goals: make web platform more capable and faster

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)-work while users’ offline, notifications, push messages doubled retention and active users, support every major browser
  • Server workers supported on most devices
  • Web Assembly enables new types of content and legacy content to run on browsers
  • Lighthouse 3.0-how to improve user experience and build better apps, better performance,  tools
  • AMP contents include web address packing
  • Chromebooks, Chrome OS, soon will be able to run Android studio

Material Design

  • Is now more flexible and customizable
  • More engineering support
  • Deliver resources, tools, and more

Material Theming: New tools available today

  • Adaptable design system
  • A unified adaptable design system, components
  • Responsive
  • Streamline collaboration
  • More products and styles
  • material theme editor

Progress in AI

Making AI easier to use, begins in the cloud, accessibility, less expensive, bring AI to the world through mobile development

  • 3rd generation TPU: Google’s latest liquid-cooled TPU Pod is more than 8X more powerful than last year’s, delivering more than 100 petaflops of ML hardware acceleration.
  • Machine learning, deep mind, cloud text-to-speech, multi-platform and -devices
  • Cloud AutoML-recognize images unique to the app without coding
  • Vision: helps the blind, identifies harmful creatures, and more
  • TensorFlow is being added to new platforms, including .js
  • TensorFlow Light to edge devices, offline processing, Raspberry Pi, ensures data never leaves the device
  • AI-enhanced Gmail


  • Combined with crash and Google- analytics
  • Machine learning provides Firebase predictions
  • MLkit available to Android and IOS developers

Augmented Reality ARCore-Available Now

New possibilities for user experiences, for example, Create a floor plan by walking around your home. Almost indistinguishable from magic. Available

Sceneform: add more features to new and existing apps, optimized for mobile apps

Augmented Images: detects the 3-D orientation of a picture in real-time

Cloud Anchors: share experiences lets multiple phones can see and interact with multiple devices and players at the same time.