New Android Features for Developers and Users

These are some highlights of new Android features that enable faster development and richer users’ experience. Most of these quick talks were extremely high level; for more information, come you can see the full session on

Improvements and new capabilities were wide-ranging. Engagement from users and developers has risen rapidly with the better tools and features.

Improved Background Input and Privacy

Improved architecture ensures data that users input offline remains on the device and is not uploaded to the net.

Android Diagnostics

Android improved measurements for its operational data.

Background Text Measurement

In the past, background text measurements took a lot of UI rendering and used lots of resources.  Google now lets you make this a background thread.

Magnifier Services

Google’s API lets you popup magnification on text and images.

Location Services

Google maps offer round-trip time API with Find-location capabilities.

Improved Development

Google offers rapid development tools with regularly scheduled releases and planned backward-compatibility support.

Production System-on-Modules (SoMs)

  • Your code can be moved from SoM to SoM
  • Certified for production with partners
  • Long-term support
  • All security features built-in
  • Long-term support (minimum 3 years)
  • Regular security patches
  • Minor feature updates regularly
  • Updated software stack on Android

Signed Images for Security

  • OS hardening
  • Signed Images
  • Google manages updates

And so much more

Google and Android are adding features in AR, VR, AI, and Machine Learning, autonomous vehicles, tools for almost every development purpose, improved UX design and documentation. Some of these tools are available today and some in the not-too-distant future. Users and developers have lots of new capabilities and features to look forward to.