Samsung is celebrating the upcoming release of the One Plus Six with a “Six Days to Launch” promotion! With extra student discounts, discounted priority shipping, and a refer your friends promotional to start with. Not a bad way to make a splash for Samsung’s latest powerhouse with a Snapdragon 845 at the core.

This lead up to the launch includes a lottery to win a free OnePlus 6 phone, “pop-up” events, and more. Check out Samsung’s launch site for more!


The official OnePlus Launch Site.

The official OnePlus website.


So, why do we love the OnePlus 6? Because it is a transitional technology. Because it’s on the edge. We love the OnePlus 6 because it’s the NEXT BIG THING. Oh, yeah, it’s got the notch, but all phones have those now. We love it not because of the notch, but because of how small it is. We love it because the 19:9 screen is great for games on the go. We love it because the processor is that darned fast. Slim and sleek, the new Samsung flagship phone delivers more than just the ooh factor.


The notch, a term for the black area at the top of a phone’s screen where the sensor and camera are mounted, is very small, and Samsung worked to get the android notification icons to fit beside it on the bit of screen between the notch and the bezel. It’s a good design, and effective use of the screen area.


Amoled (optic) screens are great, and the one used by the OnePlus 6 delivers a crisp colorful display. Photos look great, videos are just as good, and games pop. Next up, when Samsung says “flagship,” it’s the model where they pull out all of the stops. This phone is no different, so the OnePlus 6 gets the full treatment with “Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5.” Likely making this one of the toughest display screens on a phone to date.


Finally, there is the processor. This is WHY everyone should love this phone. The OnePlus 6 is not just powerful, but really powerful. Just how powerful? How about 20% to 30% faster than anything before it? The Snapdragon 845 is just nasty fast. Games like PUBG and FFXV won’t make the OnePlus 6 break a sweat (and even if it did, the phone is water resistant anyway!). The 845 is so fast, we’re awaiting the next generation of games.


We got a load of reasons at GadgetNutz to be looking forward to the release of the OnePlus 6. Power, display, the best use of the notch we’ve seen (sorry, Apple). This is the phone we’ve been waiting for.