Mujjo All-new Touchscreen Gloves Review



Gloves and touchscreens. Both necessary, but usually, unless you have leather gloves, they simply don’t play nice with smartphones. So, when the folks at Mujjo reached out to test out their latest and greatest, simply called the Mujjo All-new Touchscreen Gloves I expected something else. I knew they weren’t leather gloves and that they were supposed to play nice with touch screen, but I anticipated something a bit more traditional. What I got however, surprised me: a well-designed, modern take on something as traditional as gloves that work seamlessly with capacitive touchscreens, all while being offered at an affordable price. The gloves come in a sealable and reusable plastic bag that can be used for storage. I wish Mujjo would have gone with something sleeker that matches the gloves like a drawstring bag or a matte black sealable plastic bag. Points have to be given to the packaging that does double duty as way to store the gloves.



When you first unpack these gloves, you’ll probably not only notice the modern and sleek design, but also how thin these gloves are, which in turn also adds to this contemporary look. Mujjo was able to produce relatively thin gloves, all while protecting you against the elements by using materials I usually associate with high-tech track pants and by stacking many thin, high density layers, including the use of 3M Thinsulate. The gloves use a stretch-knit fleece and is covered by a top layer that itself consists of three layers, two of which use 3M Thinsulate. On the inside, your hands touch a soft layer of integrated fleece.  By using the knit fleece as the main material, the gloves achieve their sleek modern look, are very durable and less likely to tear like traditional fabrics. This knit fleece also helps in maintaining the overall shape and makes the gloves very stretchy. The
triple-top-layer which uses 3M Thinsulate helps to protect your hands from the cold and wind and is one of the reasons why they were able to achieve such a thin profile. Finally, all of these materials get a conductive treatment before being put together, making these gloves touchscreen friendly.


Compared to the current crop of touchscreen gloves from Mujjo and competitors, these All-new
Touchscreen Gloves are quite the departure when it comes to design, taking a futuristic, yet minimalistic design language that consists of just a few strong straight lines where the materials come together, the use of fleece instead of other traditional fabrics, the grip lines and an overall rounded slim profile. In pictures these gloves looked more like dark Grey, but in reality they are pure Black. Mujjo, should consider making a dark Grey version, that matches the press pictures and more closely matches the progressive design. The designers
also added strategically placed grip lines on the inside that are not only effective in adding extra grip, but they also add a subtle sophisticated, almost space-age look to the gloves. As for touchscreens, these gloves are the real deal. I expected them to register touches, but what I got was a surprising amount of control over the touchscreen, coming close to the amount of control you’d have when using no gloves. The thin, stretchy fabric also helps with the experience, as thicker more traditional fabrics would simply get in the way. My fingers glided with ease while using my Galaxy Note 9, while typing was surprisingly easy and accurate. If I had to nitpick however, I would say that the seams in the fabric near the top of the fingers can sometimes get in the way when typing. While you maintain excellent responsiveness on and near the seams, they detract from the tactile feel required for fast typing. For future versions we would prefer if Mujjo completely removed these seams near the top of the fingers.



In the end these gloves are the going to be the closest you’ll ever get to the typing experience when using no gloves, all while protecting your hands from the cold. The design is modern, unique and should be a hit with the tech lover that is also style-conscious. As for the more traditional function of gloves, they did a good job at keeping my hands warm from the wind and cold, surprising consider how thin the gloves are. Mujjo’s All-new Touchscreen Gloves are highly recommended and can be purchased here for the price of €49,90 or $49,90. A handy size guide can be found here. They get an 8.8 out of 10.



touch screen response

slim profile





can get in the way of tactile feel


A matte black storage bag or drawstring bag

A dark Grey version