Oclean X: An Electronic Toothbrush Topped with New-Age Innovation

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been transforming every sphere of our lives, including a critical aspect of our morning routine—teeth brushing. Oclean X, an electronic toothbrush, manufactured and marketed by Xiaomi, has introduced some inconceivable changes as to how we approach teeth brushing. Powered 

by AI, the toothbrush tracks your brushing procedure, lets you access insights on your oral hygiene, and helps you brush teeth without leaving any blind spots behind. If this isn’t disruptive innovation, we don’t know what is.

Experience the Power of Personalized Teeth Brushing with Oclean X

Oclean X features a one-of-a-kind colored touchscreen and a powerful one at that. The 0.96 touchscreen, which comes as a major promotion over Oclean’s predecessors, displays a variety of metrics such as brushing score and brushing zones to help you know how well you are brushing teeth and what you can do to impro

ve. This toothbrush taps into the advantage of 6-axis gyroscope technology and closely monitors your brushing technique to let you know if you are brushing your teeth effectively or not.

Oclean X can identify the blind spots across the entire teeth spectrum, the spots where germs lie in large numbers. The toothbrush vibrates and the screen displays a message to notify of the area you need to clean intensively. This is inarguably Oclean X’s most salient feature. Since you are simultaneously made aware of the sections you have missed, or the sections where brushing is needed but you haven’t brushed them enough, your dental health improves by a mile and your teeth become strong as nails. 

Intuitiveness is yet another area where Oclean X stands out. There are two touch parts provided right next to the display to make swiping up and down easier, and the display details are pretty easy to understand. 

Quick Facts

The gyroscope monitors 8 areas across the oral cavity and helps you figure out the most pragmatic brushing approach according to the existing conditions. Also, the gyro is powerful enough to collect brushing data of up to 1500 numbers p/minute in real-time. Slight deviations or anomalies, if any, are detectable instantly. 

The Value of AI Inspiring New Brushing Behaviors

Oclean X is powered by AI technology, a feature that speaks volumes of its cutting-edge engineering. This toothbrush has a self-adjusting brushing frequency regulator, which automatically determines the right speed of scrubbing according to your teeth conditions. It detects over-brushing and instantly reduces frequency without any manual intervention to avoid discomfort, bleeding, or damage from brushing. 

Moreover, the toothbrush suggests different brushing types as per your requirements, which are as follows: 

a) Cleaning: Select this mode to remove food remains, stains, or plaque.
b) Whitening: Select this mode to experience a deep c

lean, more specifically to remove tough coffee stains.
c) Massage: Select this mode if you have sensitive teeth and need gentle care.
d) Sensitive: Select this mode if you want to remove plaque or waste rather gently. 

 Besides, Oclean X allows 32-step adjustable settings, which take personalization to a whole new level. You can toggle between various settings and modes to decide your brushing technique in your own unique way, and this is hands down impressive. 

App Control: Enabling Accessibility at Your Fingertips

Oclean X is app-controlled. You can control this toothbrush with an exclusive app available for Android and iOS. Sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or selecting your own login credentials. Once you are through it, you will see the master screen split into three sections: Home, Plans, and About Me. 

  • Home Section is where you will see your past brushing times;
  • Plans Section will reveal different brushing plans for you to choose;
  • About Me is where you will have to set up your account by filling in details such as your gender, current teeth condition, and current teeth color among more. This information will be used to deliver more personalized brushing experiences. 
  • The mobile app displays toothbrushing data in real-time 

  • and simplifies monitoring at speed. 
  • On navigating more, you will find out the Oclean X Library, a Blog section with all the information you need to keep your teeth healthier for the long-term, FAQs and more. 

All in all, Oclean X smartphone app might not be the fanciest thing around but it sticks to the expectations. It’s a clean-looking app with a whole range of features that are easy to navigate and provide a holistic experience. 

Dual-Charging Facility is Impressive

Like everything else, Oclean X’s charger facility is top-tier. The toothbrush packs a massive 800mAh battery, which takes 2 hours to get completely charged and lasts for over a month without a hitch. The dual-charging option allows you to charge the device either in a standing or a wall-mounting position. Oclean X doesn’t have a micro USB charging port, though. 

Is Oclean X water-resistant? YES!

Oclean X has a robust plastic-made ABS body, which makes it water-resistant and durable, and the IPX7 technology makes it immune to water damage. 


Oclean X is priced at $59.99, which is pretty affordable. And with the ongoing festive season, discounts as huge as 25% are offered on the price.