Mujjo and the Micro Pique Adventure

Mujjo just keeps improving its products and that includes their fabulous touchscreen gloves. These new and quite fabulous Touchscreen gloves come in a sturdy bag which can be used to store them when it’s not winter. if you choose to.


Open Me!

But the real treasure is inside.  When I first tried on the gloves they were a bit tight to get on but still comfortable. I think the proper word would be “snug”. They are triple-layered which includes wind-resistant Micro Fleece and 3M™ Thinsulate™. It took a short time (a couple of weeks, maybe) to “break-in” the gloves so they aren’t quite so stiff. I don’t want this to sounds as if that is a problem. It’s not. It’s just that they aren’t thin. Once they are on the gloves don’t feel thick. They just need to get a bit softer with use. I made sure to wear them on very cold days. Yes, they can keep your hands warm.

What I ABSOLUTELY love is the silicone grip lines that cover each finger as well as part of the palm. You just can not drop your phone with these gloves. They also make GREAT driving gloves because of the silicone patterns on the fingers. Seriously. Even if you don’t have a cell phone (is there anyone who doesn’t?), you can’t find a better pair of driving gloves than these babies! While handling the wheel it’s as if I wasn’t even wearing gloves. That’s how natural they feel.

Of course, I should mention that it’s quite easy to use your phone with the gloves on. Swiping, tying out messages, etc. are all easily done. Although when I was typing messages it felt a bit weird having my finger a centimeter or so above the screen (because it’s inside the glove), but touching the screen was 100% effective. After one gets past the “floating” sensation, you just get on with typing and it becomes natural.


look, little silicone lines Gipping, Gripping

Check out these amazing gloves here. You’ll love them. I love mine!