Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera: 2020 Review

Are you planning to buy a security camera in order to protect your property from theft or any other kind of unwanted activity? If yes, Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera is the one that you should actually consider buying. There is no doubt that Swann is a well-known company when it comes to security systems. This new security camera from the same company comes with a large range of useful and awesome features that you will surely fall in love with. And, when it comes to operation or control of the camera, it is possible with the mobile app named “Swann Security App”. Below in this article, I have reviewed this camera in a detailed way.

Key Features

The key features that the Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera comes with are given below for you to have a quick look at:

  • The camera comes with 1080p HD video quality
  • It offers easy connectivity with Wi-Fi network
  • The design is weatherproof
  • It can detect motion, heat, and person.
  • There is also a free recording to cloud & local memory
  • It facilitates 2-Way Audio for warning intruders
  • The camera makes use of lighting and siren for deterrence.
  • It offers hands-free security with Alexa/Google Assistant

Benefits Of Using Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera

The most important benefits or advantages that the Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera offers to its user are as follows:

The installation is easy

The Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera is quite easy to install. And, it allows you to directly connect to your wifi router with a wireless connection. Hence, no DVR or hub is required.

There is a 2-Way Audio feature

As it has been clearly mentioned above in the features of the camera, the Swann security camera comes with a 2-Way Audio feature. What this feature actually does is that it allows you to warn intruders. In case you see through the mobile app a suspicious person or a potential intruder coming across or standing in front of the camera (installed in the protected area), you can talk back to the person to scare him off with the use of this 2-way audio feature. Sounds great?

Apart from directly talking back to the intruder, you can also scare off the guy with the use of siren. Thus the camera proves to be quite helpful in keeping the potential intruders away from the area protected by it.

It offers prevention of crime

This camera from Swann is very useful in preventing crime. With the use of this camera, it becomes possible for you to get aware of any unwanted activity taking place in the outdoor area of your house. That’s because it comes with a heat-sensing technology with the use of which the camera easily detects such activities and immediately sends a notification to the user so that the preventive actions can be taken.

There is HD quality of the video

No need to mention that you can clearly watch each and every person or object spotted within the range of Swann camera. That’s because the camera offers the video quality of 1080p Full HD.

Voice commands are allowed

In order to offer you the hands-free security, the Swann Spotlight Security Camera facilitates you the feature of voice commands. So you can easily stream your videos using tools like Chromecast and Google Assistant. You can also make use of Google Home Hub and Alexa for giving voice commands. And, when it comes to the screens for streaming, you can use Echo Show, Echo Spot, 4K Fire TV, etc.

Prevention On Crime With Spotlight

Since it is a spotlight camera, the spotlights are switched on whenever any kind of motion or heat is detected by the camera. You can easily identify the actual colors of all objects with the use of spotlights. That’s because the camera enables the night vision of colors. Another important advantage of the spotlight is that it helps in preventing crime by deterring suspicious persons.

The design is weatherproof

When you have the Swann Security Camera installed in your property, you don’t need to worry about the rain, snow, or heat. That’s because the camera comes with a waterproof design that makes it reliable in all types of weather.

The mobile app is all-in-one

Another important benefit of using Swann Spotlight Security Camera is that the app with which it is controlled is an all-in-one mobile app. That’s because the same application can also be used for operating other security systems like Wi-Fi cameras, Fully Wired DVR, Smart Video Doorbells, etc. Hence, it becomes possible for you to operate several types of security systems using only one mobile app.

The security is reliable

The Swann Security camera is, no doubt, quite reliable also when it comes to the security of the area protected by it. It offers some awesome features that prove its reliability. Some of such features are push notification, spotlight, siren, alert, deterrence, etc. There is also the feature of heat & motion detection which adds to its reliability.

It offers free data storage

Swann Spotlight Security Camera also facilitates free cloud storage to which you can save your video clips for seven days. You are also allowed to save your files in local memory for free of cost. In local memory, you can save your videos for 2 days for free.

It offers full coverage and reduces security cost

If you choose to install Swann Spotlight cameras in your property, your total security cost will be less as compared to the case if you install other cameras. The reason is that this camera from Swann offers a 110-degree wide field of view, thus covering a very large area. So the total number of cameras to be installed to cover the entire property will not be so high.

Bottom Line

The cool features and benefits that Swann Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera offers prove it to be a great value for the money you spend on it.