Blinks – A Smart Tabletop Gaming System

Blinks is one of those few creative and smart tabletop games that successfully integrate digital and physical aspects of a game and bring out something fun to play on a table while everyone is busy playing stimulative video games.

One must not confuse Blinks with just another tabletop game, it’s something way out of their league. It is a system consisting of a number of different games to play with unique objectives and rules.

Basically, Blinks are hexagonal computerized pieces that we use to play the games associated with them.

BLINKS GAME SYSTEM — 9 GAME STARTER SET comes with 9 games and 9 Blinks to play. Each Blink is programmed to have one Game installed in it and can be used to share the game data with other Blinks after choosing the game.

Every game is designed smartly to serve a purpose. Blinks does a pretty good job at reflecting the human psyche. Some games are more strategic, some offer puzzles while others are adventurous rides you can enjoy with your friends and family.

How to get started and Play

It’s super easy to get started and start playing Blinks. Just choose the blink of the game you want to play, place it upside down and press the soft portion in the center of the Blink to turn it on. Once the Blink’s surface turns blue with a rotational pattern, connect it with other blinks, each Blink has magnetic stripes attached to ease the process of sticking and placing them together next to each other.

Blinks are equipped with the quality of sharing data while they are connected side by side. Once you place them together they start learning the chosen game from each other and within a few seconds, all Blinks turn blue indicating that the Blinks have learned the game and are ready to play.

The upper surface of each Blink changes color when you tab over it, this color-changing property is used heavily in almost all games. The game comes with an instruction manual that helps you learn the rules and goals of Blink games. Most games are based on strategically orienting the brinks in specific patterns and colors to win.

What games do I get?

Primarily you get 9 main games along with 3 mini-games.

Astro: Astro is based on a sci-fi setting where your objective is to collect as much Ore as possible from a meteoroid to win the game.

Group Therapy: Group Therapy takes a very psychological approach and divides the blinks into introverts and extroverts. You need to get extroverts to neighbors and introverts some personal space.

Paintbrush: it allows you to play with the Blinks multi-colors and use them as brushes. This game requires strategy, technique, and patience to win

Wham: This game is all about landing the blow at the right time so if you want to win, you better have rapid fast instincts.

Zen flow: Zen flow is a game of pure patience and endurance. It involves waves of calming and tranquil colors to simply relax the participants.

Puzzle 101: Blinks AI creates an extensive series of puzzles that are difficult but fun to solve. Puzzle 101 might be the perfect group activity to do with friends.

Heist: Would you steal the gold like a pro heist or would you fail your mission, to find out, Play Heist from Blinks.

Dark ball: Catch the dark ball disappearing as fast as you blink to win the game.

Widgets: Turn your Blinks into Widgets to play mini-games namely Takeaway dice, Spinomino and Flip bet that require a dice, and flipper to play.


Blinks and Personal favorites

I pretty much liked everything about Blinks tabletop gaming system. It has a smart AI-based responsive UI that gives you the experience of playing a futuristic board game. It never gets messy when I play with Blinks thanks to the magnetic ends. The thing that left me awestruck is the innovation behind Blinks and the number of things it can do with mere colors, dots and patterns, the potential to develop and grow as a game is particularly unlimited. The only flaw that I noticed in Blinks gaming system is that the nature of some games is complex and it takes a while before you can fully understand the game. The instruction booklet is hence very important and written in a nice and easy manner.

My two personal favorite games from Blinks tabletop gaming system are Zen flow and Group Therapy. Zen flow employs a variety of tranquil colors, shades, and patterns to set you in a meditative state, and Group Therapy gives you a gist of how introverts and extroverts function differently.