Review of AUKEY PA-B7 100w PD Charger

Due to the fact that some modern electronic devices no longer come with wall chargers, a high-quality charger might be just what you need. Wall chargers that come with smartphones have a bad reputation for being cheap and just charging one unit. Since most of us have multiple devices, aftermarket chargers with multiple ports that can charge gadgets at the same time are appealing. The AUKEY PA-B7 charger we’re looking at today is a 100W charger with GaNFast Technology that can charge up to four devices. This makes it suitable for use at home or by frequent travelers because it can charge several devices while only using one wall outlet.

What is GaN Technology?

GaN, or gallium nitride, is a chemical compound with semiconductor properties. As compared to Silicon, GaN has a higher temperature, higher power handling capacities, and 1000x more electron mobility.

When it comes to high-power applications, GaN proves to be more advantageous and promising than silicon.

Using a charger with GaNFast technology not only charges your devices fast but also keeps them safe.

Benefits of AUKEY PA-B7 charger

  • You can charge two computers, one tablet, and one pair of earbuds at the same time, with the power supply of the connected devices, automatically optimized.
  • In just 1.8 hours, it can completely charge a MacBook Pro 16″. The AUKEY 102W PD charger is 20% smaller than the 16” MacBook Pro charger thanks to a streamlined GaN power system. For full portability, it also has a foldable connector. Ideal for use at home, in the workplace, and on vacations.
  • It will protect your devices from unnecessary current, overheating, and overcharging with built-in safeguards.
  • This charger comes with a one-year warranty. This means you don’t need to worry about its performance for 1 year!

Disadvantages of AUKEY PA-B7 charger

During our testing and use, we found that if you plug in one USB Type-C device and then use the second USB Type-C socket, the power would reset for proper distribution. The computer that was initially plugged in would lose power as a result of this. Since the electricity would be disrupted, this could be a problem for others. If you’re powering a hub or show, this can be a pain!

The Programmable Power Supply (PPS) standard, which Samsung uses for Super Fast Charging, is also not supported by this charger. Owners of Samsung Galaxy devices looking for 25W or 45W charging would be interested in this, as this wall charger does not support those speeds. It would be fantastic if it did since you might use a single wall charger to charge two of these phones at the same time using Super Fast Charging (45W), but this charger will not do so.


Purchasing a power charger for your electronics can be difficult due to a large number of options available and the fact that few people regularly load test them. While our testing equipment resisted us a little, we are fairly certain that this wall charger will provide the maximum 100 Watts of power that it claims.

With the PA-B7, AUKEY has produced a solid wall charger, but there is still space for improvement!