ODDICT may have the best option if you’re looking for high-quality audio at a reasonable price with the TWIG buds. ODDICT’s name has been connected with high-quality audio equipment for some time. Finally, we just received ODDICT TWIG, the company’s newest wireless earphone.

Now, I’m expecting a lot from these headphones. Even more so since they come with a free equalization program that you can utilize, it’s even more impressive given that they have certain high-end features like wireless charging. Additionally, they have an IPX4 certification, auto-play, auto-pause, and more, all packaged into a sleek metal and plastic circular design. With twin 12-millimeter drivers and no cables, the earbuds are a silicone-tipped stick-style gadget. This isn’t just about the specs; it’s style.


ODDICT TWIG is simply beautiful and well-balanced

The weight of the ODDICT TWIG was the first and most noticeable hardware feature upon opening and unpacking it for our evaluation. Or, to put it another way, the absence of any actual weight. My hands fit snugly around the earphones’ shell, and its weight is scarcely apparent.

The TWIG, simply, stands out from the others. Despite its stick-like shape, the spherical carry/charging case is everything but. For wireless charging, ODICT covered one side in metal and the other with plastic. As a result, the edge has a little concave bend to it. And the lid is kept in place by magnets, which can be seen from this side. Grooves aid in one-handed use, making them among the simplest one-handed devices I’ve ever encountered.

After opening the case, it’s easy to remove the magnets that keep the buds in place. Instead, the charging connections were positioned at the bottom of the stick. The outward-facing edge has touch-sensitive areas hidden away. The earphones’ IPX4 grade protects them against sweat, but not from rain or submersion.


ODDICT TWIG’s Audio Quality is Flawless

Audio quality is, while to a degree a collection of numbers, a matter of personal preferences. Even though each person has two ears, none of them feel the same way about their headphones. However, the ODDICT TWIG earphones, which retail for $150, are a good value for their performance.

Highs are readily audible via the headphones. Despite the hammering bass and mids, the high notes pierce through. When I listened to music, it was the case regardless of the medium. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like.

The 12mm twin carbon paper drivers are strong enough at levels below 50% to eliminate the need for external audio. In addition, during my evaluation, ODDICT TWIG’s fit was decent enough that it didn’t slide even while engaged in a workout. Cycling, jogging, or engaging in other strenuous pursuits are all examples.



ODDICT TWIG earbuds have a unique listening experience with very few drawbacks.  They are the best headphones for those who wish to use an app to customize their sound, utilize wireless charging, and have an accurate battery indicator. Considering their small size and light weight, they make a great “personal sound system.” When it comes to fashionable headphones, these are the best on the market.