EZQuest USB-C Gen-2 Hub Adapter Review

You can’t be too skinny, too affluent, or have too many USB ports. With four USB-C connections and three USB-A ports, the USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter can accommodate a wide range of devices for your Mac or iPad.

Real-world testing was conducted on the USB-C hub. With that, here are the pros and cons of the product:

A review of the EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter

Most USB-C hubs don’t include additional USB-C ports, which is strange. They’ll usually have one, as well as a variety of USB-A ports, as well as the ability to connect displays and other peripherals, such as printers. However, additional USB-C accessories cannot be connected to such hubs.

This isn’t ideal because Apple employs only USB-C in its laptop computers and high-priced tablets. This necessitates the consideration of whether or not you intend to use a USB attachment on your Mac or in your hub before purchasing one.

Because of this, the EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter takes care of an additional hassle for you. It comes with four USB-C ports. And if you need to connect anything more, there are three USB-A connections.

Hardware and software

The hub of EZQuest measures 4.8 inches in diameter by 1.6 inches in height, with a thickness of 0.5 inches. Simply put, it weighs just 0.16 pounds. It’s pocketable, if not portable, because of all of this.

A non-removable 7.75-inch cable with a USB-C connection is on the other end, which is not interchangeable with other cables. However, you can plug it into your Mac and still have enough room for the hub to lie flat on a table with an iPad on a keyboard stand attached. In addition, the cable appears to be durable enough to withstand daily usage.

Black and dark grey are the primary colors of the metal case. It features smooth flat edges and rounded corners. Overall, it has a similar aesthetic to many Apple goods. If you have a USB-C port on your Mac or iPad, you can use this adapter.


It’s possible to see all four USB-C ports on one side. Three of them are USB 3.2 Gen 2 compatible, allowing for transfer rates of up to 10GBps. Although it only supports 100W PD 3.0 and has a peak speed of 5Gbps, the fourth option is ideal for swiftly charging your Mac or iPad.

For charging your iPhone and other gadgets, as well as external drives, these ports are a must-have feature. Unfortunately, even with an external monitor attached, they can’t work. You’ll need a Thunderbolt hub for this.

The EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter has three USB-A ports with USB 3.0 on the other side of the adapter. Using them, you’ll be able to transport data at up to 5Gbps. With ease, keyboards, mice, and flash drives may be plugged into these ports.

The only USB-C port that may be utilized to charge your computer is the fourth one.

EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Performance

For a few days, I utilized the EZQuest hub as a USB-C hub at my home office to ensure it worked properly. A mouse and a few external hard disks were also connected throughout this process. Again, everything went off without a hitch.

The different ports were tested to make sure they lived up to their claims, and they did.


To be truly helpful, USB-C connectors must transport large amounts of data quickly. For example, it took 3.5 seconds to transfer a 1GB test file from my PC to an external hard drive through the hub. Files on the hard drive were transferred in under three seconds to the computer.

I got promoted to the major leagues in a matter of days. Just 28 seconds later, I had transferred a 10.5GB file via the USB-C hub. It took 30 seconds to transfer everything from the hard drive to the computer.


I then ran speed tests on four USB-A ports to see how fast they were. USB 3.0 flash drives are much quicker than the ports on the EZQuest hub.

It took 9 seconds to copy a 1GB file from the disk to my computer using the hub in my tests. Then, 80 seconds later, I could transfer it from my flash drive to my computer.


The EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter’s aluminum body isn’t just for show. It also serves a practical purpose. In addition, it helps to dissipate heat. However, when used, the hub does get hot.

Plug in a single USB accessory, and it will shortly reach room temperature. However, additional devices might cause the USB-C hub to overheat, such as a charging cable. It’s not dangerously hot, but it’s warm enough to cause some folks to be on the lookout.

The ultimate verdict on the EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter

Put this USB-C hub on your desk, and you won’t have to worry about whether the USB-A or USB-C devices you need to connect are compatible. It is possible to have both at EZQuest’s central hub. The same applies if you decide to go mobile.

It heats up a little too much for my taste, but it didn’t impair its performance throughout my testing.

One Last Thought

The main problem with the EZQuest USB-C Gen 2 Hub Adapter is that it isn’t as fast as advertised. At most, it’ll achieve roughly 80% of the stated top speed. So, if you want to make use of them, bear this in mind. Other than that, it’s a great bit of kit.