Wooden iPhone Cases With Character

When most of us think of wood, we think of natural, organic, and frequently “homey.” Wood is a part of our everyday reality — from walls to furniture. So why does wood have to be confined to the home?

Nothing says that we can’t take “organic” and “natural” and apply them to our iPhone cases! All the best things in life are eco-friendly, making wooden iPhone cases so alluring.

There is abundant material for making wooden iPhone cases, and the range of species used has increased enormously in the last decade. Plenty of trendy colors are available also, in addition to natural colors such as light-colored birch, light-colored maple, and dark-colored walnut. And more, of course.

Let’s look at a few aspects of what gives wooden iPhone cases character.

Made From Real Buckeye, Maple, Oak, Willow, and Elm Burls

Did you know you can get a real hardwood burl iPhone case that is one-of-a-kind?

Each case is made from a single piece of real Buckeye, Maple, Oak, Willow, and Elm burls. They’re different, beautiful, and won’t crack after dropping them on your tiled bathroom floor.

Whether you are looking for iPhone 12 wooden cases ranging from mini to Pro Max or for any iPhone model, you can easily acquire one.

Natural Grain Patterns Give Each Case a Distinct Look

Made of natural wood, each wooden iPhone case has its unique grain pattern, making your phone look like an item of old-fashioned wooden furniture.

Each wooden case is handmade with natural woods, which you may find in some art museums. Natural grain patterns of tree trunks and the colors that flow from them make the wooden iPhone cases look beautiful.

They’re made from quality woods such as mahogany, cherry, and birch. These materials look captivating and last for a very long time without being affected by water or heat.

Wood iPhone Cases Are Resistant To Heat, Cold, And Moisture

Most people assume wooden phone cases would be one of those things that look pretty but is pretty useless.

But actually, wooden phone cases keep your phone protected from harsh weather conditions while also protecting your phone from scratches and damage.

It’s made from a tree! Don’t you think it will last a lifetime?

Superior Strength & Lightweight Construction

Wooden cases for your iPhone give you the best of both worlds — a strong and protective frame while adding character to your iPhone. That’s because wooden phone cases are lightweight yet extremely protective.

The lightweight construction allows you to comfortably hold onto your iPhone without worrying about adding bulk or extra weight. Think of it as a super sturdy piece of furniture that you can easily move around and won’t put more strain on your wrists and hands.

Compatible With Wireless Charging


There is a widespread belief that wireless charging is incompatible with wooden iPhone cases. A perceived lack of availability of such products, mixed with unreliable user feedback, further fuels the rumors.

In reality, most high-quality wooden iPhone cases can handle wireless charging.

Enticing Wood Resin Art

Several wooden iPhone cases are made with resin art.

The resin is poured into the mold, and then it sets. The wooden case is then sanded, stained, and clear coated to protect the wood from wear and tear. The result is a high-quality case that will last for years to come!

They’re available in various styles, including colorful geometric designs, vintage floral patterns, and more. Resin art wood cases are perfect for those who want the sleek look of glass with the durability of plastic.

A More Eco-Friendly Option

The ‘Green Movement’ has been around for many years, so it’s no surprise people are looking at ways of moving to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. People are taking control of their carbon footprint and doing what they can to reduce it.

One way you can do this is by turning to wooden iPhone cases that depict character, as they are a more eco-friendly option than some other choices, like plastic or aluminum.

Wood Vs. Plastic/Aluminum iPhone Cases

While wood will never compensate for the durability of aluminum, plastic, or glass, it has the unique advantage of being incredibly strong.

This means that you don’t have to worry about cracks and dents when the occasional drop happens—and this is where wood trumps its aluminum and plastic counterparts.

Elegant and Minimalistic Design Adds Character To Your Phone While Keeping It Slim

Wooden iPhone Cases are your best bet if you’re an Apple lover and want to add that thin, elegant look to your iPhone. Wood cases not only do that, but they add a touch of personality to your phone, depending on which type of wood case you pick.


Wooden iPhone cases afford a rich textural experience that is lacking in synthetic materials. This is important on an aesthetic level, but it also ensures that you can use your piece for years before needing to replace it.