Review of the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro

I’ve long been a fan of the WYZE family of security cameras. Now we have the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro and it is a feature-packed outdoor smart security camera that combines powerful lighting capabilities with advanced surveillance features. With its impressive specifications and innovative technologies, it aims to provide comprehensive security and peace of mind for homeowners. Let’s dive into the details and explore what this device has to offer.

One of the standout features of the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro is its 3000 Lumen LEDs, which provide an ample amount of illumination for your outdoor spaces. This high brightness ensures that your property is well-lit, enhancing visibility and deterring potential intruders. The floodlight is available in white or black color options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your aesthetic preferences.

The camera itself boasts an 80° ultra-wide view, providing an extensive 180° field-of-view. This wide coverage ensures that you can monitor and protect your property from end to end, reducing blind spots and maximizing surveillance capabilities. With its 2.5K QHD resolution, the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro captures images and videos with exceptional detail, delivering stunning Quad High Definition clarity for clear and crisp visuals.

One of the key advancements in this device is the AI-powered light control. Instead of relying on traditional passive infrared (PIR) technology, the floodlight utilizes onboard AI computer vision to accurately detect motion, even at longer distances. This AI-powered detection system can be customized to trigger the lights only for specific objects, such as people and vehicles, reducing false alarms and unnecessary illumination. Additionally, notifications are sent to your phone, keeping you informed of any detected motion.

The introduction of Ambient Light Mode is another noteworthy addition to the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro. With this feature enabled, the floodlight provides constant ambient lighting until motion is detected. Once motion is sensed, the brightness automatically increases, ensuring that any activity is well-illuminated and captured by the camera. This dynamic lighting system adds an extra layer of security to your outdoor space.

To further enhance security, the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro offers motion-activated voice deterrence and a loud 105dB siren. When enabled, the camera uses its vision AI to detect motion from a person and triggers a voice prompt stating, “Hi, you are currently being recorded.” This proactive warning, combined with the powerful built-in siren, serves as a strong deterrent against unwanted visitors, helping to keep your property safe.

When it comes to night vision capabilities, the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro excels in both color night vision and powerful infrared (IR) night vision. The award-winning starlight sensor enhances low-light conditions, providing vivid color images even in challenging lighting situations. In cases of extremely dark environments, the traditional IR night vision can be activated, delivering crystal-clear images during the darkest of nights.

For those who prefer local recording, the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro offers 24/7 continuous recording with a microSD card. By utilizing a microSD card of up to 256GB, you can ensure that no crucial moments are missed, as the device consistently captures and stores footage locally. This local recording feature provides an added layer of data security and eliminates the need for cloud storage subscriptions.

In summary, the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro is an impressive outdoor smart security camera that excels in both lighting capabilities and surveillance features. With its 3000 Lumen LEDs, customizable motion detection, AI-powered light control, motion-activated voice deterrence, and high-quality night vision, it offers a comprehensive security solution for homeowners. The inclusion of 24/7 local recording with a microSD card further enhances its appeal. If you’re looking for a reliable and advanced outdoor security camera with powerful lighting capabilities, the WYZE Cam Floodlight Pro is definitely worth considering.

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