OnePlus 12R review: A real flagship contender for $500

No smartphone is perfect for everyone. For some, a budget Android phone is all they need to send texts or navigate with Maps. For others, power is everything: the newest processor, the biggest screen, the most impressive camera. Even dating back to its earliest smartphones a decade ago, OnePlus has always done its best to mix the two, making compromises between power, performance, and price to keep the cost lower than its rivals. And though the brand hasn’t always stayed true to this promise, lineups like the Nord series have done their best to keep the dream alive.

But the OnePlus 12R is different. It’s not just taking last year’s flagship and dropping it to a new, lower price. The first R-series device to launch in North America combines everything that worked about the OnePlus 11 while keeping some of the upgrades brought with this year’s OnePlus 12. And if the company’s “flagship killer” strategy was always about compromises, I’d say it made the right ones this time around.

Source: OnePlus 12R review: A real flagship killer for $500