Google TVs home screen is getting a nice makeover

Google TV Redesign 2024 Feb
  • Google TV’s latest visual overhaul introduces circular icons, saving space and offering a new look to the home screen.
  • The redesign also adds more apps in the Your apps section, with customization options for reordering and adding apps included as well.
  • Google TV now includes a shortcut to free TV channels in the Your apps section for users to enjoy a variety of TV content at no cost.

We really love the Google TV platform for all that it brings to the table, with the platform receiving a performance upgrade back in December, bringing faster load times and other enhancements. Google is now announcing a visual overhaul for Google TV with a couple of visual changes and minor tweaks to existing functionality.

Google TV has been prepping this redesign of icons in the Your apps section for a while now. Back in November, Google revealed how developers would need to make changes to their icons for Google TV apps. Android expert and AP contributor Mishaal Rahman’s post on X explained this new requirement in great detail back then.


Source: Google TVs home screen is getting a nice makeover