A review of the Altec Lansing AHP712i Headphones

No more annoying sounds to ruin your listening experience. Period. The crying baby on the airplane-gone. The music on the radio that deserves to be buried with its artist-gone. The annoying little sister on the eight hour car ride-gone. The Active Noise Reduction system on the Altec Lansing AHP712i headphones accomplishes all of these things and more. I have tested the noise reduction system in surroundings that range from my basketball team’s bus to the comfort of my own room. The AHP712i headphones combine style and performance with everyone’s dream of peace and quiet. Read on for the full review. The Altec Lansing AHP712i headphones completely surround the ear of the listener. Combine this with the fact that the Active Noise Reduction system works tremendously, I, at one point, completely forgot that I was on a bus, let alone wearing headphones. The old metaphor of one feeling like he/she was in a concert hall comes immediately to mind; however, the music that is played is under your control and at your fingertips. Bone shaking bass is projected, but high octaves are hit without a fault. The versatility of the headphones is a quality that truly amazes me.


Despite the large size of the AHP712i, the headphones only weigh six ounces. The adjustable headband and leatherette ear pads make the headphones custom fit for any wearer. I tested this out on my father, a small headed man, and a teammate of mine whom we refer to as ‘Shrek’. The headphones fit equally as snugly on my father’s head as they did on Shrek’s large dome, once again displaying the versatility that I love. Also, the folding feature of these headphones comes in handy for packing. It’s an extra that’s not necessary, but it is helpful nonetheless.
However, there are a few snags in the design of the AHP712i. First of all, there are simply too many cords: one cord from the source of sound to the noise canceller and the other from the noise canceller to the headphones. To top it off, the cord from the source to the noise canceller is too long and the cord from the noise canceller to the headphones is too short. Lastly, the headphones and the accessories that come with it barely fit into the carrying bag. This is merely an inconvenience, but one can always choose not to use the bag.

Sound Quality:
The sound quality of the AHP712i can be compared to that of an acoustically perfect listening room. It even has the hardwood floor so that the rumbles of the bass can be truly felt. The bass is booming and the octaves can reach the point of shattering glass. The headphones can put out varying degrees of sound at the same time seamlessly so that the listener feels as if the band is playing right in front of them. The electric guitar of Hendrix tickles your eardrum, the drums of Ringo Starr rattle your bones, and the voice of Ray Charles moves you to the edge of your seat. Unfortunately, it’s still really hard to understand what Bruce Springsteen is actually saying (these things cant work miracles). My father, a person known for diligent scrutinizing (you may have read his reviews), even could not find anything negative to say about the sound quality of the AHP712i.

‘I couldn’t feel them.’
‘I forgot that I had them on.’
These are two of the many responses I received from friends who I asked to try on the AHP712i headphones. In case you cannot interpret those statements, the headphones are really comfortable. The adjustable headband and leatherette ear pads custom fit to your head, so maximum comfort ensues. Personally, I found these headphones to be the most comfortable I have worn. Granted, I have a history of wearing headphones that don’t fit my head or don’t fit in my ear. If you have to take these headphones off, it won’t be because of discomfort. The AHP712i fit like earmuffs, but won’t cause children to throw snowballs at you for looking dorky.

Technical Specifications for the AHP712i:

Drivers 40mm neodymium
Connection 3.5 mm plug
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance 32 ohm
Noise Reduction over 19 dB from 40Hz – 12 kHz

Accessories Included:
Carry bag
Accessory pouch
Two choices of cable lengths
Airline and 0.25 inch adapters

Great sound and sound diversity. Very comfortable fit, and not to mention, stylish. Very lightweight for its size. Great noise canceling.

Cables that tangle easily due to length. Not made for bumpy travels; each bump was accompanied by static and a rattling sound in the headphones.

Overall Grade: A

Available at www.alteclansing.com for $149.95

Written by Ari