Krusell Music with Multidapt Leather Cases for ipod Nano and

We have reviewed many cases for your ipod video or Nano over the last few months. Here are three more possibilities for you to consider from Krusell. Finding the right case is almost as subjective as finding the right music to put on your ipod. So, how do these cases fare in my subjective opinion? Read on for my thoughts. Founded in 1991, Krusell has emerged as a major player in the world of fine leather cases for handhelds, ipods, smartphones, gaming systems and the like. They are headquartered in Sweden and produce their cases in Sweden, Thailand and China.

The official word on these cases is: The cases are protective yet neat and slim , with full attention for functionality. Equipped with the patented Multidapt(r) system for an unmatched flexibility in how to be worn. Extra protection built-in to the lid to protect the player in a discrete and stylish way. Pockets for bills, memorycards etc. Made in Nappa leather of the best quality, and form factor.

The cases are labeled the Music Multidapt and the Persuader Multidapt. The Music Multidapt case is identical for the 5th generation ipod Video and the Nano. The only difference is, obviously, the size. The persuader is a case for the Nano which is more of a fold-over design with a key-ring attached.


The Music Multidapt case is a traditional flip style case. What is noteworthy about these cases is the thickness of the leather. These cases were designed for protection as well as syle. Krusell chose to use a very thick, protective leather. The other feature of note is that the Music Multidapt cases have an incredibly strong magnetic enclosure. I tend to prefer this kind of closure to a snap mechanism. The magnet held the case firmly closed at all times. There are the usual cut-outs for the docking cables and headphone jacks. One design issue to note is that if you use an after-market Earphone (like those reviewed here) with a plug that extends to the side, as opposed to the straight plug on the ipod headphones, it is tricky to open the case with the headphones attached.
The Persuader is a different design altogether. This is a fold-over case that opens like a book. This is more of a ‘sporty’ design. It really is a matter of personal taste as to which would work for you.


These cases are beautifully crafted. The leather appears to be of a very fine grade. The stitching is a prominent part of the design and looks to be tight and secure. The cutouts are perfect and the case fits very tightly on the ipod. It might actually be too tight on the Nano as I worried about scratching the Nano when I took it out of the case.

Overall Conclusions:

While I liked the prior cases from Krusell that I reviewed in a prior article, I loved these cases. They felt good, they smelled good, they were nice to hold and they offered good protection for my precious ipod. Both cases are stylish and the color offerings, while limited, are a very nice compliment to either the ipod Nano or the 5th Generation ipod. The fact that all these cases can be found for under $30.00 on the web gives them all high marks for value.

Final Grade: A

Pros: Nice design, strong magnetic closures, well crafted, affordable

Cons: Maybe a bit too tight

These new cases from Krusell can be found at or for $27.95 and $29.95

Written by Gary