VITO Voice2Go Software Updated

VITO Voice2Go is a voice command software package for Windows Mobile Devices. With VITO Voice2Go on your Pocket PC you can forget about your stylus and manage your PDA with voice commands in your own language. VITO Voice2Go allows users to speak to start and quit applications, call contacts or hang up the phone, find out who’s calling by listening to a voice tag, modify system settings and press any onscreen buttons with voice and record macros.

New in VITO Voice2Go v.1.25 you can benefit by using easy macro recording feature. Macros are now recorded in real time So now all the pauses you made while recording will be remembered Name your macros, assign a voice command to them and you are ready to go.

Version 1.25 also allows for easier filtering and searching of contacts That means less time for you to pick out the contact you want assign a voice command to.

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Written by Nate