MiniTV USB Now Shipping to the US

ADS Tech announced that it is shipping its MiniTV USB TV Tuner with MediaTV PVR software, its own all-in-one solution for turning a PC into a digital entertainment center. In addition to delivering real-time TV with time-shifting capabilities and scheduled recordings on a desktop or notebook PC, the MediaTV PVR Software lets consumers take their favorite videos, music and photos wherever they go-on a CD, a DVD or on a portable media device such as such as a Sony(r) PSP or Apple(r) iPod(r). Certified for Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP Media Center Edition, ADS Tech’s MiniTV USB is also optimized for the new Microsoft Windows Vista(tm) operating system.

A complete hardware/software solution, MiniTV USB comes with a USB 2.0 extension cable, antenna MCX to F-connector and a CD containing device drivers and Media TV PVR.

Written by Kermit