Should you Vakaadoo?

I know what you are thinking….another iPod case? Well, before you move on to another article, ask yourself ‘is my current case really what I want?’ There is no disputing the fact that our $300 music player is prone to scratches and dings. Most cases cover up the beauty of the ipod itself.

Could this be the case that both protects and looks as good as your ipod? Read on for my thoughts. Vakaadoo is a different kind of company that makes a different kind of product. The ‘company line’ from their web site reads: Vakaadoo is a young, creative company committed to the production of artfully engineered, high quality accessories for personal entertainment devices. We inject the Vakaadoo spirit into everything we produce. We believe in fun. The sleek design and superior standard of all Vakaadoo products is testimony to our values.


The Vakaadoo design is so simple and so ingenious that you will find yourself asking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ The case consists of two parts that fit together like a jig-saw puzzle. I tested both the ivak 5G Domino case and the ivak 5G soft feel case.

Both cases consist of two separate pieces – a front and a back. Place the ipod back into the back of the case, then fit the two pieces together on the left side and push closed. The two pieces fit and look as though there is no seam whatsoever. Because they are thin and form-fitting – they add little bulk to the ipod itself. A built in plastic screen protector does its job and the ipod looks just like it did before the case – but now it is protected.

The Soft feel case has a softer, almost felt like feel to it that felt great to hold. The domino case is a hard-shell design that is lustrous like the ipod itself.


These cases are very well designed and well made. The two pieces fit together beautifully and if you need to take them apart – Vakaadoo includes a little plastic ‘key’ to pry the case apart on the side.
The cutouts for the hold switch, headphone jack and docking connector are perfect. My only qualm was that the cutout around the headphone jack didn’t allow for a bigger cable (like the belkin cable I use to attach the ipod to the stereo.) All headphones I tested with the case worked fine.

Vak Wrap:

For an extra eight bucks or so you can pick up the Vak wrap which is a very hand way to carry your headphones. The cable and the earpieces each wrap around the Vak Wrap from either end. The tangle of the cord is removed and the headphones travel well when wrapped nicely like this.

Overall Conlcusions:

This is a great design and a very protective and fashionable case. I like the ‘puzzle’ design – it is easy to put the ipod in the case and to take it out. At the same time, there is no way the ipod can ‘fall’ out of this case.

This case is packaged beautifully and is a tremendous value at around $35.00 or less (depending on the currency exchange.)

Final Grade: A-

Pros: Great design, easy to install, secure, protective and stylish

Cons: case extends too close to headphone jack blocking larger cables from fully inserting into ipod.

The 5G Domino case and the 5G Soft Feel case are available at for around $30- $35.00 depending on currency conversion.

Written by Gary