Hi Ho Silver, away! TurboCharge your Phone

Oh, darn! the cell phone battery is nearly dead and here I am in the middle of the desert with no way to plug in! Why, look who’s here! Tonto, and he’s got the AA TurboCharger with him. All I need is one AA battery to charge my phone.

It comes with 9/10 universal phone power conectors, depending on where you end up purchashing it from. The newest version of the Charger will give you about 40 hours of stand-by time when ON. Not bad for one little AA battery dangling off your phone. And, obviously the battery life lasts longer with the Charger OFF.

You’ll know it’s time to replace that AA battery when the blue light on the top of the Charger goes off. So, the second generation AA Turbo Charger is being released early June – oh, like NOW! Light, easy to carry…..seems like a travelers solution.

Thank you, Kimosabi! But who was that masked man?

Written by Cecilia