No More Couch Potatoes with My.Vu!

Gone are the days when you are glued to your Berkline Leather TV Chair. Eyes glossed over in a stupor. Body immobile. Hands in a death grip around non-nutritional snacks. With this device you can wrap the the media viewer around your face and watch TV while walking, shopping, riding a bus or train – the list is endless. Just don’t drive this way or I’ll come by your home and beat you with a noodle. My.Vu will be the newest, lightest and smallest method for portable TV viewing.

Plug the viewer into your cell phone, iPod(R) or any other device that plays video. Hook in those noise-reducing earbuds for some stereo audio.

Movies, streaming content, podcasts and more are as close as your pocket now. The image is viewable during daylight but the device does not obstruct your view of the outside world. We don’t want anyone tripping over their feet, after all. This technology was developed from the heads-up displays used in for military applications so the ability to see all around you is built-in.

It only needs 3 AAA batteries which are carried in a belt pouch. You look at a resolution of 320×240, so this device won’t really be replacing any plasma TV’s anytime soon. But this is a better way to catch up on news or music videos while exercising than craning your neck at the wall.

It looks like we are becoming more connected to out devices. Soon, they will be permanetly attached to us. Does that mean, someday WE will be the couch? Hmmmm.

Written by Cecilia