Can You Say – Voice-Trek G-10?

Years ago I coveted small, portable voice recorders. This was in the days before cell phones (many of whom come with this feature). I can’t quite say why I wanted this. After all, it’s not like I have anything important to say and my voice isn’t exactly sweet. It’s just a gadget thing. You know. In any case this was the days when your voice was recorded onto tiny cassette tapes.

Once mp3 players/recorders became ubiquitous this now becomes a universal reality. Olympus is bursting out the Voice-Trek G-10 July 6th. You can use it to record your voice which is saved in WMA format. In Asia this is being marketed as a device to help one learn English (with the included software). Considering the onslaught of non-English speakers we have in the Unted States, this might not be a bad idea. Hmmmm.

In any case after you can learned how to say, “Where are the public facilities?”, you can listen to music stored on the 256MB flash memory. The device comes with stereo earplugs and a USB cable. Did I mention you can separate one section of this little thing which will reveal a USB plug? That section also holds the batteries. Songs can be in WMA and MP3 (MPEG1 Audio Layer3) format. Just copy them to the device.

Olympus doesn’t yet have any English copy on this device. I guess they are still using their Voice-Trek learning the language. Tee Hee.

Written by Cecilia