Sidekick 3 Announced

Today, T-Mobile announced the impending release of the new Sidekick 3. Part phone, part PDA and part messaging device – the Sidekick 3 is supposed to improve upon nearly every feature of its predecessor.

Read on for more info. New Features

The Sidekick 3 appear to have the same general shape as its predecessors. It is touted as being 20 percent smaller than the previous models.
It also a new trackball for easier one-handed navigation and Bluetooth for wireless headset use.

This is also the first Sidekick to include an MP3 player, removable battery, and miniSD card slot for expandable memory.

This handheld also includes a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with supplemental LED flash.
This new Sidekick will run on T-Mobile’s GSM/GPRS network, and it has support for that carrier’s EDGE network.

For more info and a flash demo, go to:

The Sidekich 3 will be available to existing T-Mobile customers late next week. New Customers will have to wait until the second week in July.

Pricing is yet to be announced

Written by Gary