blub, blub, says the TDS ReconR

What I always wanted was a handheld computer I could use under water. Just like those astronaut pens that can be used to write under water or upside down. Nothing inpresses one’s friends like doing tricks with gadgets. It’s been run thorough a series of stress tests which can be examined from this site. They really tortured this baby and made it go through it’s paces. Which is great if you are planning on taking trips to the Himalayas or be the next Jacques Cousteau exploring the ocean depths. Or maybe just a trip to the beach?

And while you are swimming with the fishes, this nice little device has Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless capabilities. And it’s got two CompactFlash slots!! Add memory cards or devices such as digital cameras, GPS, GPRS, bar-code scanners…..whatever!

The rechargeable NiMH battery lasts for a nice 15 hours of continuous use. Plenty of time to get some really good work done. plus, if you still need more time, get an optional AA PowerBoot Module and plug in two AA batteries – alkaline or lithium – for another 16 hours.

So, what can you run on this thing? Windows Mobile 5.0 lets you run Mobile versions of PowerPoint and Windows Media Player 10. Outlook Mobile, Excel Mobile and Word Mobile are included. But even cooler is that you can run linux on this device. You can get the ReconR with 128 MB or 256 MB of Flash memory. It comes with a built-in microphone and a color touchscreen. Imagine the looks you will get from the fish!

Written by Cecilia