Beam me a text message Scotty

i-mate/HTC released an EDGE-enabled clamshell-style smartphone that runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and supports Microsoft’s direct push technology. The thin, lightweight, quad-band Smartflip boasts built-in Bluetooth, 64MB of RAM and flash, a micro SD expansion slot, and a 1.3 Mpixel camera with secondary external screen for self-portraits, time displays and call information.

The Smartflip is near identical in design and functionality to the StarTrek from Dopod as the Dopod phones are rebranded HTCs. Like the StarTrek, the Smartflip is based on a 200MHz TI OMAP processor equipped with 64 MB each of RAM and flash memory. i-mate lists the following key features and specifications for the Smartflip:

  • Processor — TI OMAP 850 at 200MHz
  • Memory — 64 MB RAM, 64 MB Flash
  • Display:
    • Main screen — 2.2-inch QVGA, 16-bit color
    • Second screen — 1.2 inch, 128 x 128, 16-bit color
  • Audio:
    • 16-bit sampling from 8 KHz to 44.1 KHz
    • built-in speaker and microphone
    • headset jack for wired headset
  • Expansion — micro SD slot
  • Wireless:
    • Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900
    • Bluetooth 1.2 — supported profiles:
      • Generic access
      • Serial port
      • Headset
      • Object push
      • DUN
      • Hands-free
      • Generic object exchange
      • HID
  • Camera — 1.3 Mpixel, supports ‘self-portrait’ with secondary screen
  • Dimensions — 3.88 x 2.02 x 0.62 inches (98.5 x 51.4 x 15.8 mm)
  • Weight with battery pack — 3.5 ounces (99 gm)

‘The i-mate Smartflip combines elegant good looks, with great style and unmatched functionality — making it perfect for the urban professional on the go,’ said i-mate global director of sales, Jack Craine.

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Written by Kermit