Flushing Fish was Never so Entertaining

Tired of Reading and Cross Word Puzzles in the ‘Throne Room?’

I couldn’t make this one up if I tried. Yes, your toilet can now become your aquarium. Imagine, your fish swimming in your tank. How do you feed them? Do we really want to know?

Oh, you know you are curious, so click read more to see the specs and the price tag on this unique item. The web site states: ‘A whimsical potty that turns your toilet into a nautical wonderland’ Fish ‘n Flush(tm) is the safe, fish-friendly aquarium for your bathroom

The Fish and Flush is from AquaOne Technologies and I’m guessing they are a newcomer to the ever burgeoning field of aquarium toilet tanks!

The Fish and Flush will set you back $450.00. You can get all the poop….sorry, couldn’t resist…at http://www.fishnflush.com/index.html

Fish N’ Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit

Kit Includes:

* 3 Piece Aquarium Tank
* Dual Filter System With Pump
* LED Light System
* 2-Nine inch Artificial Plants
* Basic Aquarium Guide
* Flushing System
* Flush Valve
* Fill Valve

While the image shows goldfish, I suspect catfish would be more appropriate as they are bottom feeders. (groan)

Written by Gary