Big Maps in Small Pocket Loox

Imagine grabbing your Fujitsu-Siemens’ Pocket Loox which is 3.56″ x 2.48″ x .64″ (89 x 62 x 16 mm) just before a trip and planning your visits to as many Belgium breweries as possible before the battery runs out. If you are going by car that could be years because this navigation device comes with a car charger and an AC adaptor. You are more likely to run out of gas (you certainly won’t run out of Belgium beer!)

The Loox comes with NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 6 software installed and the SiRFStar III GPS module. The included DVD has detailed street maps of 37 countries which covers Western Europe and various parts of Eastern Europe. I’ve loved maps for as long as I can remember and this sounds like heaven to me.

The Pocket Loox comes in two models: N100 and N110. While both devices come with RAM of 64MB, the N100 has 128MB ROM and the N110 has 2GB ROM. Before you think you are being gypped, the N100 has a Mini-SD slot with a 1GB card.

When you have arrived at a destination and just feel like relaxing, enjoying the view (or a beer), the Pocket Loox can also provide some music. Via the speaker or headphone the audio player supports your MP3’s, WMA’s and AAC files. If you get bored with that play with some included games! I see that they cleverly included a world clock – that’s important when traveling from one time zone to another. You also get an alarm, a calendar and a calculator which is important for making sure you arrive at the Belgium breweries on time and figuring how much you want to spend.
Not bad for a little device!

Written by Cecilia