Corsair Flash Readout Drive Talks back

Flash drives don’t have to be dumb. They don’t have to just lie there like lumps with you wondering what’s on them and how much space the data is taking up. Normally, you would have to plug your flash drives into your computer to see the how much storage you have left.
With the Corsair Flash Readout Drive all you have to do is take a gander at the readout. It’s called a “Bi-stable Cholesteric Display (BCD)” and is supposed to last a year without plugging into a computer or using a battery. That’s some clever mojo! The 4 digit display and a pie chart shows how much space is occupied in the drive. Very cute! Another feature lets you customize up to 11 characters (alphanumeric) for a label so you know what’s going on inside this drive. You could get one Corsair drive to store your favorite Movie trailers and one to store your sensitive business documents and maybe one to store your porn. Send in your labels, I’d love to see those. Ha, Ha.

Happily this drive works on Windows XP, 2000, ME, Linux 2.4.0 and later, Mac OS 9, X and later and I’ll bet a few other OS’s. The drive comes with it’s own Lanyard and a USB (2.0) extension cable for easy plugging in. And you can get the drive in nice big 1GB or 2GB storage size.

Written by Cecilia