I spy with my little eye – Google Vision!

This idea isn’t out yet but UK designer Callum Peden thinks it’s swell and it certainly sounds very clever. Say you are walking around town and you spot a really interesting Art Deco building and want to know about it and what’s around it. The device has a camera and you take a picture of the building. This gets sent to Google in addition to your GPS location. You open the devices’ retractable flexible screen and Google sends you back info on the object you photographed. Google provides the info you want in the way that Google does best. This is a great way to have Google Maps and a large collection of information in one handy, portable device.
It’s an idea still in development – possibly a few years yet to go. But we already have devices that use GPS, WiFi, cameras, google access and even the flexible screen is being developed by various companies that are invested in cell phone technology.

Just imagine the possibilities! I can see groups of people taking virtual tours of each others’ cities at the same time. And that sounds like a story Larry Niven would write! Virtual tours while vacationing. Google Parties in which people play a kind of “where’s waldo” with each other. The mind boggles!

Written by Cecilia