Two New Options to Cradle Your Treo

There is a revolution underway in the world of leather cases for Smartphones. Ok, maybe that’s a little strong – but there is definite movement towards a lateral case as opposed to the more traditional vertical cases sold by most manufacturers. Here are two new offerings from two wonderful manufacturers – Sena Cases and Covertec. Sena Cases is based in Californian and are known for great value as well as fine craftsmanship. Covertec cases is based in France and are also known for great value in a padded leather case. They take a similar, yet slightly divergent approach in their new Treo cases. Both employ a lateral design which attaches to your belt. The advantages to this kind of case are quick enter and exit of the treo and greater comfort (especially when seated.)

First up: Sena Cases Treo Letherskin-Lateral Pouch Combo


The Sena case is really two cases in one – thus the ‘Combo’ in the name. First off, you get a thin, ‘skin’ case for the treo itself. This case doesn’t really provide as much protection as it does style. My sample was in a nice Brown cowhide with nice stitching. Every opening is perfect in the skin – microphone, earpiece, side rockers and connecting port were all easily accessible.

The case slips over the Treo and is attached by a snap which goes over the SD card. The only downside with this design is that you need to unsnap the case to get to the SD card and the IR port. It is a good idea to keep the SD cards from falling out – but it is a little bit of a pain when it comes to beaming information.

The second part of the case is the ‘Pouch.’ This is a thicker, re-enforced padded leather case with a magnetic enclosure. The Treo (in or out of the skin) simply slides in on its side in the pouch. The Pouch certainly offers much more protection in case the Treo were to hit the ground. The Pouch also provides slots for two SD cards – a nice touch.


The craftsmanship on the Sena case is top-notch. Stictching, as I said earlier, is perfect. The skin case really does fit like a glove and the cutouts are perfect (which is not always the situation in case design. The Sena case certainly looks to be more expensive than it is – a nice thing for the user.

Over all Conclusion:

The lateral case is the way to go. It is comfortable to wear, easy to use and provides nice protection. Sena has done a great job here by providing two cases in one so that the Treo is stylish both in and out of the pouch. As usual, their attention to detail and value for the money makes it a worthy investment for any Treo user.

Final Grade: A

Pros: Great style, functional, SD holders, two cases in one, a great value

Cons: The ‘skin’ alone provides little protection

The Sena Treo Lateral Pouch Combo can be found at: for $59.99. The Pouch and the skin are both sold separately as well for $39.99 a piece

Next up: Covertec Horizontal Case for the Treo


The Covertec is similar to the Sena in that is a horizontal case that clips onto the belt and cradles the Treo. The Case is a soft, padded leather. My test unit was Brown with nice, white stitching.

The inside of the case is felt lined to protect the Treo. The case secures with Covertec’s signature magnetic enclosure – one of the best in the industry.

The Case is designed to be a very tight fitting case which ‘breaks in’ to the shape of the Treo over time. When I first took the case out it looked like it wouldn’t close with the Treo inside. It did close, and in time broke in beautifully.

There is no SD card holder with this case.


The Covertec case is beautifully made – like all Covertec cases I have seen in the past. The leather is padded just enough to give the case the feel that it would protect the Treo. Unlke the Sena case, there is no ‘skin’ to cover the Treo when it is out of the case.

The stitching and the feel of the leather makes the Covertec case feel more like a ‘luxury’ case. It is beautiful to hold and smell.

Over all Conclusions:

The Covertec Horizontal Case is a beautiful case. It is a good value and is comfortable to wear. Initially, it was a bit tricky to get the Treo inside. Also, I found that more often than with the Sena case, putting the Treo in would invariably push one of the various buttons – powering on the Treo unintentionally.

Final Grade: B +

Pros: Great value, beautiful leather

Cons: A little tight fitting, no SD card holders

The Covertec Horizontal Case can be found at: for $29.95

Written by Gary