The magic Weather Cube

If you are familiar with USA Today or The Weather Channel you have seen their color coded weather forecasts displayed over maps. Imagine a cube sitting on your desk pulsing these same colors as it shows the weather. Let your friends believe you are the next Criswell.

Plug it in and the device accesses Ambient’s nationwide wireless network which broadcasts over 90% of the US population. It’s that easy getting continuous weather info. You pick which city you want to get the weather from. Once your “magic cube” arrives go online to configure the city and any other info you want transmitted to the Weather Beacon. Want to track more than just The Current Temperature? If you have allergies, track the pollen count. Need to know Wind Speed, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, and so on? Just change your configuration to what you need.

Each type of information is called a “channel”. Some people want Stock info (What!? instead of the weather??) and they can change the “Channel” to get Nasdaq, the DOW or even their own particular stock portfolio. If you live near a beach, getting the UV index will be quite useful. Basic service from Ambient is free, but if you need special channels, that can be had for a subscription.

And while having a glowing cube can be quite lovely and look like a sculpture sitting on a table, for those that are afraid it might look like a ghost, you have three levels of Brightness under your control. When it may rain or snow the cube gently pulses from lighter to darker tone. So, there’s no danger of being mistaken for a night club.

And to help you recall the color codes the unit comes with a chart. Looks cool! The 21st century lava lamp – but with real info!

check out Ambient’s site for more info.

Written by Cecilia