Adesso CyberTablet M17

What first made me decide that computers could be used by artists was seeing an Amiga with a Summagraphics tablet. That was in 1989. That tablet came with a stylus with two buttons. I was able to draw with the point and “erase” pressing the side button. It was as close to normal drawing as I had ever experienced using a computer. And I was very happy.

Travel through time to the 21st century. Adesso has reinvented the tablet. The CyberTablet M17 is a monitor AND a graphics tablet which works with Windows and MAC OS X. Naturally the CyberTablet can be used to create and alter images, add graphics for web applications and so on. Plus it comes with software which can convert your handwriting to text and add your handwritten note to email, or add notes to your PowerPoint presentation.

So this device is obviously not just for artists. It’s for anyone that can write. In fact the entire point of all these devices is to make it easier to get my thoughts, feelings and ideas out of my head and onto another medium. As Martha Stuart would say, “It’s a good thing!”

Written by Cecilia