Get Smart! Use Babble, the new cone of silence

Wasn’t it funny when Max Smart had to tell his boss some ‘secret’ and they both got under this bubble. The idea being that this would prevent the agents of ‘KAOS’ from hearing them. Oddly enough this ridiculous plastic cone never seemed to work all that well.

Would you believe that Herman Miller, Inc. and Sonare Technologies got together to make the 21st century version of The Cone Of Silence? Generally for use in an office where several people are close enough to overhear each other because they are set up in cubicles. Just set up the device and correctly place the two speakers and proceed to talk discreetly.

The first model had to be hooked up to a phone. Now you can also get a model for use in open office space.

So how does this magic work? Part of the setup entails programming the device with samples of your voice. If you need a private conversation as you speak the device takes your speech and ‘scrambles’ it by sending parts of your words and sounds out of the speaker. Those nearby will feel they are hearing a kind of white noise rather than a coherent conversation.

Babble has lights that let the speaker know if he/she is too loud or too soft (amber) or doing just fine (pulsing blue light) for the device to operate properly.

Now, you too can hunt down spies and evil doers and say, ‘Not the Craw, the Craw!!!’ without anyone in your office hearing you. And a good thing, too!

Written by Cecilia