Shure Ships New Flagship E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure Incorporated today announced the highly anticipated availability of the E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones. Building upon the company’s rich professional heritage and dedication to delivering products synonymous with unparalleled acoustic accuracy, this new flagship earphone model is precision-engineered for audiophiles to provide a truly authentic audio experience. Shure’s E500PTH earphones first commanded the attention of audio enthusiasts at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and are an industry first in coupling sound isolation with Push-to-Hear (PTH) technology. The E500’s Triple Hi-Definition Drivers are positioned to do for personal audio what HDTV has done for the experience of watching television. Utilizing three miniature speakers – one tweeter and two woofers – the E500 lets you experience precise highs and the richest lows that are true to live sound. Delivered in a tiny, in-ear package with an elegant new black chrome shell, these earphones mesh beautiful design with accurate audio reproduction.

The E500PTH ships with an innovative accessory, the PTH control, that lets listeners alternate between complete immersion in their music or audio activity and a connection with outside ambient sounds. The PTH is perfect for brief conversations at work or when traveling, and is controlled by a switch that activates an external microphone while lowering the volume of the music.

‘Now that an entire music collection can be carried in a compact, highly-portable digital device, consumers are quickly waking up to the fact that the quality of the listening experience can be compromised due to poor quality earphones; as a result, they’re seeking better sound,’ said Ben Bajarin, analyst, Creative Strategies. ‘Shure, a long time leader in delivering exceptional audio experiences to professional musicians, has brought pure acoustic sound to consumers with its new E500 model. Featuring Triple Hi-Definition Drivers, the earphones leave nothing to chance as music, movies and games can all be heard as they were intended to by the artists or creators; they’re ideal for the audio aficionado that refuses to compromise their audio experience for portability.’

Leveraging personal monitor technology previously available only to professional musicians and rock stars, the E500 offers the following features and benefits:

* Unparalleled Acoustic Accuracy: The E500 is the first in the Shure earphone line to utilize three miniature Hi-Definition Drivers – one tweeter and two woofers – to offer the most accurate audio reproduction for the ultimate in detailed highs and the richest lows.

* Sound Isolating Design/Personalized Fit and Comfort: Proven more effective than noise cancellation, Shure’s sound isolating earphones block 30-37dB of outside noise with a good seal. Leveraging soft, flexible sleeves that contour to the inside of the ear for the best possible fit and maximum comfort during wear, the E500 blocks outside noise to prevent it from interfering with the audio experience.

* Low-Profile Industrial Design: This is miniature technology at its best with sleek styling, black chrome casing, and a unique over-the-ear design to keep cables out of the way.
* Premium Accessories Kit: With eight pair of sleeve options for a personalized fit, the E500 also offers two modular cables, a 1/4′ to 1/8′ adapter for home stereo listening, a volume attenuator for airplane use, and a stylish zippered carrying case.

‘During the past two years since Shure Personal Audio was formed, the Shure brand has quickly come to represent the ultimate consumer choice for a professional-grade audio experience,’ said Mark Karnes, general manager of the Shure Personal Audio Business Unit. ‘In a market where design elements and technological innovation are beginning to converge, Shure is once again reinventing the ultimate listening experience with the E500 – a beautifully designed and engineered premium performance attachment.’

Pricing and Availability
Priced at $499.00 USD, the E500PTH carries a two-year limited warranty. Shure’s PTH accessory will also be sold separately for $59.00 and is compatible with Shure’s E500 or any other standard earphone.

Written by Devin