Feets Dont Fail Me Now: using the StealthSwitch

The StealthSwitchTM device was created by a fellow who saw a real need to protect one’s privacy at a computer. Just in case Dick Chaney happens to drop by your office, you wouldn’t want him to see the anti-torture article you happen to be writing. Now, would you? AT least not until after it’s published under your pseodonym. All kidding aside, there are times when you don’t want people seeing what is on your monitor and it’s not necessarily because you are playing solitaire.
If you suddely need absolute privacy, hit the device on the floor with your foot and the windows will completely disappear. You can customize exactly what “hides”. Either a current window, all windows, all except certain particular programs, etc. You can even have it hide windows if you leave your system alone for a specified amount of time. And the programs’ configuration is password protected so no one else can monkey with your secrets.

Just connect the device to your PS/2 keyboard port or USB port. A 6 foot cable is supplied for the best positioning under your desk.

Now you can be safe from the prying (and illegal) eyes of all.

Written by Cecilia