Lazer Trip Wire – Keeping America Safe

Even though the Lazer Trip Wire is a toy, it can be used to intimidate your co-workers into keeping away from your desk. Snap the three units (one Master, two Secondary) into a triangle around your work area. The trick is to align the IR light of the ‘Sender’ unit to the light sensor each ‘Receptor’ unit. You are even supplied a Mist Bottle (you add the water) to test the appearance and location of the infrared light beams.

If your six AAA batteries are full, the system should work. In fact, once armed a Super Secret Spy Voice announces that your Super Secret Spy System is Armed and ready to go!

If Frank from accounting comes over to steal your stapler or that special pen you like, as soon as he breaks the IR beam a 48 db alarm will pierce the air. The entire office can come a-running to catch the thief (I)Red-handed. (Get it? InfraRed-handed. HA HA)

If every office doesn’t have a Lazer Trip Wire, the terrorists win.

Written by Cecilia