Disney Mix Max to Invade Your Childs Life

Somebody over at Disney figured that if grownups can have portable devices that play music and films why not kids? And make the buttons in the famous shape of Mickey’s Head! I mean, Kids Will Love That!

And kids – having good eyesight – will have no trouble looking at films on a 2.2-inch color display. The 220 x 176 resolution is not bad, actually. Especially if you are a child sitting in the back seat of your family’s car and mom has decreed that you better watch the nice movie, be quiet or suffer her wrath.

The Disney Mix Stick comes with 512 MB of internal memory. Add more memory with up to 2 GB with add-on SD/MMC cards. That should keep the rug rats busy for hours. And Disney will exploit it’s library of films and TV shows by selling them on ‘Mix Max Clips’ (memory cards with content already on them). When they kids don’t want to watch films they can play audio files like MP3’s and WMA’s or look at JPEG’s. There’s a ‘Mix It’ feature so kids can makes their own play lists. Using the USB 2.0 port, kids can load in whatever music or pictures they like from a computer. That includes both Windows and MAC’s. You also get a Windows Media software CD.

Before you get everyone in the car be sure to charge the battery. It will give two hours of video playback. The device also comes with a 3.5 mm. stereo headphone jack so the adults aren’t forced to listen to The Wicked Witch cackle while trying to have a conversation about why dad refuses to ask for directions.

Written by Cecilia