Spracht Introduces Cutting-Edge Aura Mobile BT

Spracht announced today the availability of Aura Mobile BT, a slim, lightweight Bluetooth-enabled conferencing device that turns your mobile, home phone, or PC/Mac into a high quality, digital conference phone. This truly mobile conferencing device provides Crystal-clear sound! The Aura Mobile BT provides crisp, clear audio for a wide variety of wired or non-wired communication devices to be used just about anywhere. The full-duplex patented SoundClear(tm) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip uniquely allows users to talk and hear simultaneously (full duplex) when using Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers for VoIP calls, or cordless telephones with headset jacks.

The sleek Aura Mobile BT provides hands-free mobility and enables clear audio communications from the noisiest of places between all parties. It is simple to setup and use since it employs multiple acoustic programs that automatically change with the type of connection being used. The Aura Mobile BT’s DSP constantly monitors the environmental acoustics and dynamically adjusts by reducing background noise at both ends of the conversation.

The Aura Mobile BT’s easy-to-plug-in versatility makes instant, professional conferencing a reality from virtually anywhere-office, car, hotel room, tradeshow, and even the beach. The clear, natural two-way communication uniquely allows normal conversation flow while the powerful dual speakers generate enough sound to fill a large conference room.

Aura Mobile BT features:

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and computers
* On-board rechargeable battery with up to four hours talk-time and 24 hours of standby time
* Multiple acoustic programs that automatically adjust to relevant system, e.g., Bluetooth or VoIP technology
* Echo cancellation and active noise reduction
* 3 watt amplifier and dual speakers
* Premium DSP
* Full Duplex
* Accessories include wall- and car-power adapters, external microphone for large rooms or noisy environments, cable for VoIP calls, cable for cordless phones
* 9 oz shirt-pocket-size speaker with ergonomic interface

The Aura Mobile BT, priced at $149.99 MSRP, is now available through D and H distributors (www.dandh.com) or directly from Spracht at www.spracht.com

Written by Gary