Possibly the Most Beautiful Case for Your iPod

Orbino creates a unique collection of fine, Italian leather merchandise. Orbino specializes in personalized products that ‘stand out from the crowd’ in their design and customize-ability. Michael Ventre, owner and operator of Orbino comes into the leather business rightly. His grandfather was a tailor trained in the ancient Neapolitan tradition of the craft. As you will see from this review, an Orbino product is as much a work of art as it is a functional means to protect your electronic investment. The case I received to review was from the Cambio line of cases. It was a hand-stitched, premium leather case with precious metal inserts around the click wheel.

The first thing I noticed was the incredible smell that permeated the box when I opened it. Wrapped in a protective cloth and professionally packaged – this case screamed ‘Quality and luxury’ from the moment I opened it.


the case was clearly hand stitched – not made by any machine. The details of the stitching give it a very rugged, yet luxurious feel and look. It also fits the iPod perfectly. It is a typical ‘slide in’ kind of a case – the case is open at the top and has cutouts at the bottom for the charging/docking connector.

The metal scroll wheel frame is finished in palladium and then attached with four micro screws. The iPod can either be inserted into the case with a protective plastic shield between the iPod and the leather or without. I found that the extra protection for the screen and the click wheel was good and the the click-wheel functioned just fine with the plastic shield in place.

Belt Clip:

The Cambio case comes with its own, unique patented belt clip. This clip is made in Florence from palladium. It is easily attachable and easily removable. It also not only functions as a secure clip – you can use it as a stand to watch videos on the iPod – truly a genius of an invention.


Everything about this case speaks to the hand-made, luxurious craftsmanship. There are several leathers to choose from – calfskin, soft napas, haircalf, exotic skins an others are available for choice. Mine was a brown saddle leather that was durable looking and great to hold.

I had this case sitting on my desk for a week and I can’t count the times that someone walked into my office and said ‘whoa, that’s a sweet looking case.’

Over all Conclusions:

This is perhaps the most beautiful case you can buy for your iPod. Period. The leather is gorgeous, the attention to detail tremendous and the feel in your hand – indescribable. Most remarkable is the price. Given other luxury leather makers of fine cases for the iPod I was prepared – and would spend over $120-150 for this case – it is that beautiful.

The case starts at $89.00. for $119.00 you can customize your case from the type of leather, to the color of the stitching to the type of metal around the click wheel.

The only downside to this case is that the iPod is not as snug as some cases. If I turned the case upside down, my iPod could slide out. Given the secure belt clip, I think the odds of this happening are slim.

Hands down, this is the most beautiful case for the iPod I have seen so far.

I can’t wait to see the two versions available for the Nano – the Roadster and the Sportivo.

Final Grade: A+

Pros: Beautiful, hand made, quality construction, eye catching design

Cons: Could hold the iPod a little more snug

The Orbino cases can be ordered at www.orbino.com

Written by Gary