Transcend releases the 16GB JetFlash 2A

Lately 16 and 8 GB devices are all the rage, different types of devices are starting to pop-up with these increased storage capacities. Transcend is also raising the bar by announcing the The JetFlashT 2A a hi-speed, and hi-capacity USB 2.0 Flash Drive. It’s very impressive to see how much data is now available in these tiny packages: the JetFlashT 2A holds an equivalent of about 4 DVDs. These type of high capacity Flash Drives like Transcend’s 16GB JetFlash is ideal for that those that want to carry large amounts of data without having to several DVDs or portable hard drive: The 16GB JetFlash 2A combines large capacity in a device that slips into your pocket. The JetFlash 2A plugs into the USB port on any desktop or notebook computer reading/wrting at speeds up to 25/20 MB per second. Also comes bundled software applications that feature: Auto Login, Data Backup, E-mail, Secret-Zip, PC-Lock, Favorites and data backup. The JetFlash 2A is built using Hi-Speed NAND-type Flash.

Product Features

-Fully compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0
-PC-Lock Function: Makes JetFlash 2A a key to lock your computer
-Secret-Zip Function: Compress and/or Password protect saved files using AES Encryption
-E-Mail Function: Use your JetFlash 2A to Securely Send, Receive and Save e-mails
-AutoLogin Function: Automatically login to websites where you have a password
-Favorites Function: Store all your favorite website addresses on the JetFlash 2A
-DataBackup Function: Backup, Restore and Synchronize your Data using the JetFlash 2A
-Easy Plug and Play installation
-Driverless (Only Windows(r) 98SE needs the enclosed driver)
-USB powered. No external power or battery needed
-LED indicates the usage status of the JetFlash 2A
-Lifetime Warranty

Written by Devin