Latest from Nokia: 330 Auto Navigation and N93 M:i:III pack

Nokia just released two new devices, the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation and the Nokia N93 with the M:i:III package. The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation is Nokia’s first dedicated personal navigation device, the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation, featuring spoken and visual directions on the large 3.5 inch color touch screen. A few days before its release several leaked pictures hit the net; rumor was it that this would be the successor of Nokia’s 770 internet tablet. It turned out to be something totally different, but other leaked photos indicate that we just might see a successor to the 770 internet tablet very soon. The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation has an integrated GPS receiver and contains a 2GB memory card for the preinstalled map data and detailed travel information. The visual instructions can be adjusted to your preference with adjustable 2D/3D interface, day or night view, or alter the audio to your suitable language or volume. You can also request a repeat of the last instruction.


Besides being a navigation device, the Nokia 330 can double as a Media Player. It includes a music player, photo viewer and video player. Nokia 330 Auto Navigation uses the ROUTE 66 Navigate 7 application and NAVTEQ map data. ROUTE 66 is a company specialized in personal mobile navigation. NAVTEQ is a provider of comprehensive digital map information for automotive navigation systems, location-based services and government and business solutions.

The Nokia 330 Auto Navigation is expected to be available in select channels during the fourth quarter 2006 at an estimated retail price of EUR 360 without taxes.

Nokia N93 M:i:III package

Nokia’s second announcement is the N93 M:i:III package. This is basically the Nokia’s N93 multimedia phone in combination with the full length M:i:III film, which is supplied on a 512MB miniSD card, running at 25 frames per second. Nokia did say that the movie cannot be played on the PC nor can it be copied to another memory card. Compared to the standard N93 nothing else besides the movie is being offered as the original package also includes a 512mb card. This is Nokia’s second specialized N93 package, with the first one being the N93 Golf edition that includes a golf application called Pro Session Golf that enables you to capture your golf swing, analyze and improve your game by split screen swing comparison and other advanced analysis tools. That model actually came with 1GB miniSD memory card, a golf instruction DVD as well as a Get Started guide. Would have been nice if the N93 M:i:III package included some extras and at least a 1GB miniSD card. The Nokia N93 M:i:III package will be available in Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

Written by Devin