New Bags for Laptops even make Pink look good!

When I purchased my laptop a few years ago I realized that I needed something safe to carry it in. Plus, I didn’t wanted it to be obvious there was a computer in the bag. Me being paranoid. I was able to find a nicely padded backpack.

If you are looking for something to carry your sensitive electronic equipment today Pacific Design has Backpacks And Messenger Bags. The Ruckus Laptop Bag Collection looks quite attractive and lightweight.

The Ruckus is 30% lighter than other laptop bags and, believe me as someone who has traveled through airports and busses with a laptop it is very important that you don’t feel burdened like a donkey climbing Mt Everest. Both the backpack and the messenger bag have compartments for media storage like CD’s and DVD’s. There’s a AC adapter/Cable zipper pouch. And a felt-lined pocket to protect your easily scratched stuff like sunglasses. The backpack lets you side-load your laptop. Since a backpack will be used to carry other things this is a great way to give access to your laptop in case you actually need to use it while traveling. There’s nothing more annoying than rummanging through your socks and shirts to get to the equipment. Especially when you have to remove it at the airport to place it through the x-ray machines.

There’s a bunch of other compartments and these bags are really well designed. Heck, if I needed to get a new bag I’m looking at these.

Written by Cecilia