Cingular gets in on the Pearl

If you folks have been paying attention (there will be a test next week — Kidding!), you already know I have been reviewing the Blackberry Pearl. However, for this article I’m announcing the variation which is coming from Cingular. Today is the unveiling of their Pearl which is available from the Cingular B2B sales organization and by Monday, December 4th in most Cingular stores.

The Cingular Pearl is a quad-band GSM/GPRS and EDGE-enabled phone.

You get the usual superior Pearl features: Voice Activated Dialing, conference calling, speed dialing and call forwarding. Speakerphone and Bluetooth(r) 2.0 capability for hands free dialing and data synchronization. Email push (which still blows my mind), using the Pearl as a Modem, web browsing, Instant Messaging, Organizer Apps (calendar, address book, memo pad and task list).

What is different for the Cingular Pearl is the Push to Talk capabilities and TeleNav feature.

With this Pearl you will be able to switch a PTT session to a regular wireless voice call. Using PTT you have call waiting, contact alerts, and voice messaging to people in your contact list.

I love GPS and the Pearl can use this feature with an Optional Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver. Combine this with TeleNav GPS NavigatorTM and you will never get lost again. Use while walking about or in a car this will give you turn-by-turn voice and on-screen directions. The map moves where you are – showing you interactively the information you need to understand your present location. At any time you can still pan around the map to examine surrounding areas.

Other features include Biz Finder, which lets you look up a business or place of interest, and Fuel Finder, providing nearby locations with the lowest gas prices.

All this just in time for Christmas!

Written by Cecilia