The Man of Steel gets his own Flash Drive

That’s right, Superman can have a USB Flash Drive with a stainless steel body. I’m not sure if it can repel bullets or is faster than a speeding train, but the JetFlashT 180 is certainly attactive!

It’s fast where it counts. Hi-Speed SLC NAND-type Flash with a Read speed of 10~12MB/s and a Write speed of 8MB/s. Wooosh!

Get this drive in 1GB (Blue), 2GB (Red), and 4GB (Green) sizes. Finally, someone realizes that flash drives should be like the tardis: huge on the inside, small on the outside.

Included with the drive is the JetFlash elite software package which includes:

  • PC-lock – Turns the Flash drive into a ‘key’ which you use to ‘lock’ your computer and keep it safe from Dominus and others who would steal your secrets.
  • SecretZip – Will compress your files and uses AES encryption to protect data with a password.
  • Autologin – will automatically handle your passwords to web sites
  • Data Backup Function – Organizes backing up, restoring, and synchronizing your files.
  • For those pining for Windows(r) Vista, the JetFlashT 180 supplies Windows(r) ReadyBoostT which lets you magically boost the system performance of your computer just by plugging in the drive.

    Up, Up and Away!

    Written by Cecilia