Get On Board with Socialight

In my previous NextFEST article I reported on socialight, a clever way to use your cell phone and communicate with others.

I just got a press release from the happy folks at Socialight that their site is ready for testing out.

This is their Press Release: Socialight is a community that lets you connect in new ways – by creating, sharing, and discovering virtual Sticky Notes placed at specific locations using your mobile phone or the web.Since our initial launch in the fall of 2005, thousands of people have used Socialight to tag thousands of locations and make personal connections centered on “geo-tagged” real-world places. Socialight lets both individuals and publishers post location-aware content that can be “pulled” via search or “pushed” as part of a spam-proof, opt-in channel exactly when and where it’s most relevant.

During the past few months, we’ve done a comprehensive overhaul that we’re quite excited about. Here’s a quick overview of some of the new features:

  • more ways to access Socialight while mobile – new mobile web (WAP) and text messaging (SMS) interfaces let you find and create Sticky Notes anytime, anywhere.
  • more ways to connect with other people – message users directly, post on users’ pages and invite contacts through easy address book importing.
  • enhance the networks and content you’ve already got by importing GeoRSS feeds from sites like Flickr to share content from specific places. If you have your own site like a blog or a MySpace page, you can also embed Socialight widgets right there.
  • tools for publishers (even you!) to create opt-in channels. WCities and Movie Locations Guide are already programming Socialight channels, with many more coming soon.
  • Written by Cecilia